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Don't use incendiary flares, use safe, reusable, cost effective electronic flares!

Electronic Road Flares - Be Seen Be Safe!  Home of the original TurboFlare™ Emergency Road Flares with full 360° degree rotation. Our Emergency Road Flares have no moving parts and ultra bright LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours. The Strongest, Safest, Smartest, Brightest, Earlier Warning, and the Only 24 Hour Electronic Emergency Road Flare!  The Toughest Emergency Road Flares in the World!  All TurboFlare™ Products are Rohas Compliant (lead free), Weatherproof and Safe for the Environment. 

Our Emergency Road Flares are Used By:
Citizens, Police Departments, Sheriff Deartments, Fire Departments, Highway Patrols, Dept. of Transportations, Dept. of Public Works, Public Utilities, Air Rescue Services, Hazardous Response Teams, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Railroads, Chemical Refineries, Event Parking, Truckers (U.S.D.O.T Approved) Campers, Hikers, Boaters, Mountain Climbers, Skiers and great for Children when bicycle riding....

TURBOFLARE International ANNOUNCES NEW BRIGHTER LEDs for its TurboFlare & TurboFlare SOS units.
Red 620nm/25,000 mcd per LED/ 20 TOTAL LEDs
Amber 590nm/20,000 mcd per LED / 20 total LEDs
Orange 605nm/25,000 mcd per LED / 20 total LEDs
Blue 460nm/20,000 mcd per LED / 20 total LEDs
Green 524nm/20,000 mcd per LED / 20 total LEDs
White 6000K CCT / 45,000 mcd per LED / 20 total LEDs


TurboFlare Electronic Emergency Road Flare

The Original TurboFlare™ Road Flares come with 4 nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.  Can also be fitted with the TurboFlare™ Alert System to protect your investment. MSHA Approval #18-A070020-0

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TurboFlare™ "SOS" uses  4-C Alkaline Batteries  for over 150 hours of continuous usage.  Can be fitted with the TurboFlare™ Alert System to protect your investment.  
NEW SOS Day/Night Turboflare!

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TurboFlare AA Electronic Emergency Road Flare

TurboFlare™ "AA" has all the same great features  of the TurboFlare™  such as 360° degree rotation with ultra bright LEDs, but it uses 4 -  AA  Alkaline Batteries. 

The Original TurboFlare™ and Turboflare™ SOS are recommended for Helicopter Landing Sites.

TurboFlare™ AA:  1-Year warranty against manufacturers defects.

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Spring Cone™/TurboFlare™ Traffic Control Kit.  MUTCD Compliant, providing the best in passive active delineation.

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TurboFlare Alert

Electronic Motion Sensor.  With TurboFlare™ Alert your TurboFlare™  is outfitted with a motion sensor on the circuit board. When the flares are set up and the receiver turned on, a warning beep is sent to the receiver whenever the TurboFlare™ is run over or moved.

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TurboFlare “AA” Emergency Triangle

TurboFlare™ “AA” Emergency Triangle is designed specifically for Tractor Trailer combinations and Heavy Duty Trucks.  The “AA” operates on four (4) Alkaline AA batteries that will last for 80 hours of continuous use.

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TurboFlare Electronic Traffic Signal Wand

The TS-12 Traffic Signal Wand is highly visible in all weather conditions with its internal light diffuser that gives the ultra bright LEDs optimal output and color.

NEW!  TS-12 Rechargeable Wands!

In Stock - Any Color Combinations!

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New Item!  Traffic Blanket has flashing or glowing LED lights that can be seen up to 2500 yards awayWater resistance design.

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New Item!  TraFix Grabber® Delineator Tubes

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Want even more proof of the quality we put into our products, then you should read the Journal of Emergency Medical Services Review of our TurboFlare™.

You should also read the Testimonials given to us by Law Enforcement and the Military.

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