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Customer Testimonials

Intermountain Life Flight LetterClick Here to view letter.

Turboflare Review by the SDPD Traffic Division. Click Here to view document.

The Top Twelve Reasons to Use TurboFlare™s - From A Satisfied Customer

* Weatherproof
* Non-polluting
* Always ready to use
* No sparks to burn skin or clothing
* Vibration and shock resistant
* Recharges itself while not being used
* Pays for itself rapidly
* Safe around gas and oil spills
* Automatically turns on when deployed
* Takes up very little trunk space
* Incredibly tough
* Can be used for hours without having to recharge... perhaps the strongest
reason of all

Gus Risinger, Traffic Sergeant
County of Los Angeles
Sheriff's Dept.

"I want to let you know how well our department likes your product.  We carry a set of 8 rechargeable Turbo Flares on our heavy rescue.  They are used, quite often, for setting up landing zones for air ambulances.  I personally have had several pilots say how well the flares show up and make the LZ easy to see."

"The nice thing about this flare system is the safety factor.  We can place these flares on any surface and in any condition without the worry of fire spread or surface damage."

I would recommend this product to any public service organization that has a  need for flares."

Marvin Wheeler, Chief
Wauseon, OH Fire Department

"We have found TurboFlare™s to be clean, safe and very easy to distribute at an accident scene. They are highly visible at night and do not create the confusion associated with the smoke from highway flares. Also, investigation personnel can spend their time investigating the accident rather than monitoring the flares."

"When a flare pattern is set, it remains set unaffected by wind, rain and other factors. If a car drives over the flares, they stay put and continue to function."

Claude W. Robillard, Jr., Sergeant
Thousand Oaks Police
Traffic Bureau Manager

" The TurboFlare™ also has proven to be instrumental in apprehending a petty larceny suspect. While conducting a DUI checkpoint on a divided roadway we saw a subject walking toward us on the opposite side of the street. This subject looked very suspicious as it appeared his chest was flashing red just like ET's heart in the movie. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the subject had stolen a TurboFlare™ that had been placed further up the road from our location and had put it under his shirt, not realizing that it was flashing. He was arrested."

Sergeant Frank Weigand
Las Vegas Metro Police
Las Vegas, NV

This product is of the highest quality and the technical support provided by your company is exceptional.

I would recommend this product to other law enforcement agencies and other agencies that required emergency road lighting

Harry E. Hoppen, Chief
Washington Parish Sheriff's Dept.
Franklinton, Louisiana

"I was recently at a fatal accident and it became necessary to redirect traffic on a major two-lane highway into a single lane off the roadway and around the scene. This task was compounded by the fact only two officers were available to direct the traffic. Armed with our TurboFlare™s we set up a flare pattern that redirected this traffic around the accident scene for eight hours. I can say without reservation this flare pattern could not have been maintained with standard road flares because of the limited manpower we were confronted with. The 300 yard flare pattern we maintained with the TurboFlare™s easily marked the path and saved the day."

Patrol Sergeant Galen Terry
Boulder City Police Department
Boulder City, NV

"We have put these flares through the rigors, and are completely satisfied with them. We have used them at crash scenes, traffic stops, and DUI investigations. The flares are easy to use, readily accessible, and extremely durable. They are highly visible in total darkness, as well as well-lit intersections. We found them highly effective for any assignment in which we used them. We tried every effort to destroy them; however, we were unable to damage them (we left them in the rain, ran them over with vehicles, semis, and tow trucks). We didn't mount the charger as suggested, trying to insure that the charge stick was durable; it proved to be indestructible. Overall, we were highly impressed with the products and would highly recommend them for purchase by the Department."

Ofc. J. Tarr
Daytona Beach Police Dept.
Daytona Beach, Florida

"During our city's annual fair we were able to use our TurboFlare™s and have a true test environment. During this time the TurboFlare™s were run over by numerous cars and trucks. The units were simply put back into position and continued to work. We received many comments about the devices as they did not emit the smell or the smoke and were not the potential fire hazard of magnesium flares. The TurboFlare™ passed our test with flying colors."

Sgt Troy Thomas
Iona Public Safety Department.
Iona, MI

40 So. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, In. 46204

July 12, 2000INTERNAL CORRESPONDENCE To: Sgt. Dale Bruan
Law Enforcement Supervisor From: Dep. Ron Shelnutt
Law Enforcement
“TURBO FLARE” PROJECT & DEMODear Sir: On June 5, 2000 I picked up the “Turbo Flare” unit at the garage. The following are my thoughts on the system and its effectiveness in regards to application on the street:

* NIGHTTIME APPLICATION: This system is very effective at night on well-lighted streets as well as dark streets. The system is very easy and fast to deploy unlike the standard flares we use to date. A test study was done at 7300 N. Keystone Ave. where there’s a lot of ambient light from streetlights. We closed two lanes of a three-lane road northbound with the “Turbo Flare” unit, removed all police presence from the area and watched from a location off the roadway. It appeared that all the vehicles could see the unit in the roadway and all moved into the one open lane safely without a police car or officer in the area.

* PRODUCT TESTING: (June 6, 2000 @ 3:21 am) One of the “Turbo Flare” units was placed in the street and struck by a vehicle traveling at a speed of 45mph. The unit was operational after it was struck and appeared to have suffered no damage.

* RECOMMENDATIONS: The “Turbo Flare” unit would be a great tool for those officers working at night, particularly those who investigate accidents. This unit allows the accident investigator to deploy the unit fast and easy, and then turn the attention to the accident while not worrying about replacing flares.

To : Lt. Denholm

From : Deputy C. J. Meaux
Date: July 31, 1999 Sheriff of Harris County
Ref: Turbo Flares HOUSTON, TEXAS 77002-1978This letter is in reference to the Turbo Flares you requested me to use and examine for sixty days. The Turbo Flares were used on several accident scenes and road closures for landing of Life Flight. The flares were also used during different weather conditions. The flares were in my opinion a complete success.The Turbo Flares were used in shutting down Atascocita Road. The flares were set out with the use of one patrol vehicle. Atascocita Road is a five lane roadway, the flares were set out across the roadway with the patrol vehicle in the middle turn lane. Traffic approaching the flares was turning around before ever arriving at the scene. The Turbo Flares were also used to shut down three lanes of the North bound Eastex Freeway. The flares were set out across the roadway with no patrol vehicle near by. Traffic began merging into the open lanes without any problems. This was also done during rainy weather. The flares never failed even during heavy down pour. During the usage of the flares they were run over by several vehicles but were not damaged and kept on working. The Turbo Flares have highly visible rotating strobes that can be seen several hundred feet away. This increases the safety zone for the deputies working an accident scene or road closure. The Flares out lasted two and a half boxes of conventional road flares, and were quick to recharge on the charging stick. A great safety aspect for the Flares was the absence of actual flames. Regular road flares have been known to burn the uniform pants of deputies placing them on the roadway. Also the smoke generated from the conventional road flares on occasion has created a hazard by limiting the visibility of approaching drivers. Also the conventional road flares are made of sulfur, magnesium and other harmful chemicals that may cause health problems to some personnel. The Turbo Flares do not have this hazard. Conventional traffic flares have also set fires during the landing of Life Flight by being blown into the grassy area of the roadway. The Turbo Flare due to the low profile has limited movement during the down wash of the Life
Flight Helicopter.The initial expense of the conventional road flare may appear to be less but when one scene requires two or more boxes at $72 a box the cost of the Turbo Flares would actually save the Sheriff’s department money over a short period of time.

During the examination of the Turbo Flares I was greatly impressed and feel that the purchase of the Turbo Flares would be a great value for the Traffic Division if not all of patrol.

OFFICE PHONE: (713) 674-5393 FAX: (713) 672-8588

Quality Award & Review by Road Star Online:

SOS-TurboFlare™ Safety Device

SOS-TurboFlare™ is an electronic flare that provides safe, bright, reliable light without the inherent danger of incendiary flares. Manufactured by Lighting & Electronic Design Inc., Safety Products Division, the SOS-TurboFlare™ produces a brilliant pulsing light from 20 extremely bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) powered by four "C" cell batteries. The light is visible for long distances through fog and from as far as five miles away in clear air.It can safely be used at a traffic accident scene when the smell of fuel is present or under high wind conditions. It is also safe to use around gas and oil spills. It has no chemicals, does not pollute or burn, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.The unit is shock and vibration resistant, and weatherproof. Battery life (Energizer Alkaline) is approximately 100 hours.

The SOS-TurboFlare™ is made by the same company that recently released the innovative "Right Lite," a 17-in. wide sign that mounts on the right rear corner of a truck trailer and announces "Wide Turn No Passing" with 162 amber LEDS when activated by the right turn signal indicator.

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