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What is TurboFlare?

TurboFlare is a patented electronic device that directly replaces the dangerous incendiary road flare.  This revolutionary product is a true technological advancement in safety equipment. Used by police, fire, rescue, military, mining, helicopter emergency landing zones, building evacuation, refineries, hazardous response teams, DOT, public utilities, public transportation and many more. TurboFlare is rugged, reliable, and very economical.

TurboFlare uses 20 extremely bright light emitting diodes to create a rotating, highly visible light source, effective even from great distances. These light emitting diodes are powered by 5 low-memory,  Ni-Cad  rechargeable batteries, ensuring years of safe and effective operation. The TurboFlare body and lens are constructed entirely of Dupont's Surlyn, a unique ionomer class material of unbelievable strength and chemical resistance.  The body and lens are designed to sustain major impact from vehicles and remain completely operational. TurboFlare is weatherproof, shockproof, and vibration-proof. Surlyn's chemical resistance includes  jet fuels, gasoline, diesel fuels, road salts, and chlorine. TurboFlares are intrinsically safe. A box of eight (8) TurboFlares is easily and compactly stored in the trunk of a vehicle. While they are stored the units automatically recharge from depleted to fully charged in less than 3 hours. Once charged TurboFlares will operate for 17-20 continuous hours.

Virtually every chemical which makes up the standard incendiary road flare is listed as a hazardous substance. They are dangerous to both personnel and the environment.  Additionally, incendiary flares frequently cause painful skin burns, burn holes in expensive uniforms and cause breathing problems. Incendiary flares cannot be used at traffic accident scenes when the smell of fuel is present or in high-wind conditions. TurboFlare eliminates these problems and saves departments thousands of dollars. For additional information, please contact TurboFlare International at (702) 567-9464.

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