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The Anatomy of a TurboFlare "SOS" Electronic Road Flare

Don't use incendiary flares, use safe, reusable, cost effective electronic flares!

 1. Light Source: 20 high output LED's
2. Low Battery Indicator Light: Tells you when there is 20% battery life left
3. Weatherproof "O" Ring Seal
4. Spring-LOaded, moisture resistant ON/OFF switch
5. Made of Dupont Surlyn: Same material that golf balls are made with
6. Powered by 4 "C" cell batteries that yields 100+ hours of continous service (batteries not included)
7. Single Wing Nut Bolt to allows quick easy access to change batteries
  1st 100 hrs 2nd 100 hrs 3rd 100 hrs 4th 100 hrs 5th 100 hrs Totals
20 minute fuses(1.14 ea.) $2,736 $2,736 $2,736 $2,736 $2,736 $13,680
TurboFlare " SOS" $535 $32* $32* $32* $32* $633
Money saved by using TurboFlare "SOS" $13,047
The average cost of four "C" cell batteries x 8 TurboFlare "SOS".
Amber 414 Candela
Orange 380 Candela
Red 360 Candela
Green 300 Candela
White 84 Candela
Blue 60 Candela

Rotations Per Minute - 160 nominal
Viewing Angle - 4° below horizontal to 14°above horizontal
Alkaline Battery (temp)Range- 160 above zero to - 40° below zero
Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We guarantee our product under normal use for as long as you own it, except batteries and damage caused by accident or commercial use. For product replacement or repair, please return product with all postage prepaid along with $9.00 for handling.


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